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How to become a GRASP member?


We have different types of membership. You can choose one for your application, (supporter, user or regular member)

Here You will find some information about this issue

Contact Our Board who will answer your request as soon as possible.

If the application is accepted, you will receive a confirmation or otherwise we will contact you if we have questions about details.


Different memberships : (see art.5-6 of the Statuto ) link STATUTO

  1. Founder member,
  2. Regular member
  3. Supporter member
  4. User



  1. Members of GRASP are :

Groups, Persons, non-profit Non-Governmental Organisations, that aim to implement the European Landscape Convention, in the sense of participative democracy, solidarity, self-common management of Landscape/Life Environment , that are accepted as members by the Board or by the General Assembly.

  1. Founder Members

Are the original promoters and coordinators of the GRASP Programs and Purposes. (See Chi siamo)


  1. b) Regular Members are:

b 1) Non-governmental organizations whose primary functions are consistent with the purposes of GRASP

Nongovernmental organization is defined in accordance with United Nations ECOSOC Resolution 1996/31 and 2001 United Nations DPI guidelines as any non-profit organization that is not established by a governmental entity or intergovernmental agreement and which is organized on a local, national, subregional, regional, or international level.

This category doesn’t includes private institutes , colleges, universities.

Representatives from each Regular Organization Member have the right to participate fully in the GRASP meetings and activities, including the

right to vote and hold elective office. Representatives will normally be one of the officers or directors of the organization.

b2) Associations who are a member of an umbrella

organization, can participate in all meetings of GRASP and people from these organizations and can be elected as board members.


  1. c) Supporters Members. Are the organizations which are not NGOs. The Supporter Membership shall be available for e.g. governmental, intergovernmental bodies or businesses, which are engaged in coherence with their merits related to the purposes of GRASP. Representatives from each supporter organization member shall have the right to participate in the GRASP meetings by extraordinary contribution to GRASP activities

They shall be elected by the General Assembly on suggestion by the board.


d) User Members . Are the Professionals, Citizens or informal Groups of Persons, Scholar Groups, Teachers, Entrepreneurs, Farmers ,Craftsmen, Artists, Poets, Writers who can use and/or put at disposal of the GRASP’s Activities their competences, ideas, aims, purposes or concrete proposals to create or take part in Thematic Working Group or in specific Local Activities , Projects Action/Research



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